Homelessness/Housing Services

300 Lytle Street / Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 421-5211
For women locating work, furthering their education, recovering from mental, physical and/or verbal abuse, struggling with a financial burden, retirees. Providing safe affordable housing for women continues to be our goal.
1841 Fairmount Avenue / Cincinnati, OH 45214, (513) 921-1131
Bethany House Services is a community of persons who are committed to quality emergency shelter, outreach advocacy, employment training, transitional and permanent housing programs for women and children.
1821 Summit Road # 001/ Cincinnati, OH 45237, (513) 761-1480
Caracole provides housing and supportive services for persons and families living with HIV/AIDS and affordable technology for non-profit agencies.
7001 Vine Street / Cincinnati, OH 45216, (513) 662-9729
Since 1985 Cincinnati Housring Partners, Inc (CHP) had built or rehabbed over 150 homes and sold them to families with modest incomes. CHP also assists homebuyers for low cost loans. CHP works with communities that are preparing or implementing comprehensive revitalization strategies.
727 Ezzard Charles Drive / Cincinnati, OH 45203, (513) 721-2522
The CLCC exists to provide a vehicle of home ownership and empowerment for low to moderate income people in the West End community. CLCC is an alternative, grassroots approach to housing. A non-profit tax exempt corporation.
1115 Pendelton St. / Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 369-0114 
Cornerstone creates new economic opportunities by making loans for low income groups and assisting these groups to plan and develop and operate their own housing. Cornerstone originated the concept of Renter Equity® model in order to create financial assets for low income renters.
1300 Main Street / Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 651-6457
Serving all whose income is 60% or less of the area median income. Franciscan Home Development provides; supportive services for people who are homeless; rental housing development; resident advisory council.
117 E. 12th Street / Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 421-7803
Committed to ending homelessness. Members include agencies and individuals who work to coordinate services, educate the public and advocate through grassroots organizing. Programs include peer reviews of shelters and transitional houses.
2400 Reading Road / Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 721-4663
HOME works to ensure equal housing opportunities for all people regardless of race, color, nationality, gender, religion, family status. Work focuses on ending racial discrimination and promoting balanced living.
114 West 14th St / Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 381-1171
To promote equitable development in Over the Rhine community. Provides racially integrated, decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing for all of the current and future low income residents.
4612 Paddock Road, Cincinnati, OH 45229, (513) 351-7921
(PWC) is a 30-year-old nonprofit organization that provides critical home repairs for very low-income homeowners in Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. We provide more than 9,000 critical services a year for very-low-income elderly, disabled and other homeowners in your community.
1437 Walnut Street / Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 381-4941
The house serves about 16 temporary residents all men, who have fallen on hard times. Within a short period of time the men are expected to find a permanent job, start a savings account and maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. Their ultimate goal is to find a place of their own and to continue to take life one day at a time.
2631 Gilbert Avenue / Cincinnati, OH 45206, (513) 961-4555
The Tom Geiger Guest House provides transitional housing for women and children. They have 24 furnished apartments to shelter homeless and abused women and children. Geiger Houses work in partnership with YWCA of Cincinnati and the Talbert House.
1814 Dreman St. / Cincinnati, OH 45223, (513) 541-4109
WIN works to empower residents of low and moderate income neighborhoods to affect positive social change in their communities. WIN provides leadership development and training for local neighborhood leaders. WIN works with grassroots community organizations on issues including affordable housing, crime and drugs, community development, jobs, toxins and pollution, energy conservation and improvements in city services.